Grief and Loss/Life Transition

Expressive Art provides a vehicle for making meaning as a result of loss. The losses can vary as can the impact and responses. Loss is experienced uniquely by each individual, as are the methods that will be utilized in the expressive art processes. Music, creative writing, movement, visual arts and multimodal approaches are introduced according to the individual responses and needs as a way to bridge the gap between grief and healing.

Services Include: Expressive Art Therapy | Spirituality | Essential Oils Therapy | Addiction Counselling and Therapy | Therapeutic Phototherapy Trauma | Eating Disorders | Addictions | Hoarding | Mental Health | Grounding |  Depression | Anxiety | Grief and Loss | Life Transitions

Serenity Mountain Expressive Arts Therapy serves across Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, St. Albert, and the surrounding areas.

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