Children and Youth

Children ages 6 to 12

Children and pre teens do not always have the words to express what is going on for them. Play and imagination within the expressive art therapy process provides an opportunity for children and pre teens to release in a safe environment. Sensory play, music, movement and art are some of the modalities that are used within this age group.

Youth ages 13 and older

Expressive art with youth promotes wellness. It allows for deep play where they can become able to access internal resources that they were not able to access before. It connects them to what matters deep in their heart.

As an expressive art therapist, I am fully present and engaged with the youth throughout the process, providing safety and clear structure. The work is getting it out so they can feel lighter. The art is separate from them, and they can look at it without feeling overwhelmed. They can touch issues without feeling threatened. I provide this in a very nondirective, noninvasive way, by being playful and engaging with things that are important without compelling them. This provides a way for youth to express and move things versus being stuck, which can lead to unhealthy ways of coping.