March is motivation month! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best possible outcome, I invite you to scale where you are at with meeting your goals. You may not have a goal or even know which direction you want to go at this time, however by stopping and becoming aware of where you are and where you hope to go is a great place to start. Life can be challenging and even overwhelming with so much going on in the world and an over abundance of ‘stuff’ cluttering our space, thoughts, and lives. However, it is possible to stop and focus and bring intention into the situation through a journey of mindful expressive art.

What is mindful expressive art? It is a practice where you become more engaged in the present moment with a variety of art mediums. Visual art, music, writing, sound, and movement are some of the art forms I offer as I guide you into the modalities that you are comfortable with, in a pace that works for your nervous system. It is a time and place for you to notice, pay attention and reconnect with where you are. I provide a safe space for you to experientially stop, pause and connect with your self and your creative process.

I want to extend my invitation to join me for an expressive art therapy process specific to your needs. If life is getting in the way of moving you forward, this is a great place to start.