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Services Include: Spirituality and Faith Based Therapeutic | Essential Oils Therapy | Addiction Counselling and Therapy | Therapeutic Phototherapy

Serenity Mountain Expressive Arts Therapy serves across Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, St. Albert, and the surrounding areas.

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What to Expect

In expressive arts therapy, you use multiple senses to explore your inner and outer world through the experience and creation of different art forms.  A willingness to expand your imagination and engage with the process provides the foundation of the therapeutic work.  Previous art background is not necessary.

When it is Used

Expressive arts therapy is used with children and adults, as individuals or in groups, to nurture deep personal growth and transformation. The innate capacity to create is at the center of the therapeutic work. A connection to the mind, body and spirit allows an individual awareness and insight into what is needed.

How it Works

Art is the language of the soul and comes from a deep emotional place inside you. Art gives voice and connects.  Through a process of creative exploration, which moves out of the everyday into the imagination,  the inter modal art process becomes a pathway to the expression of inner feelings, self discovery and healing. The imagination is a resource that can nourish, moving one out of a place that is constricted and stuck.

The training I received from Langara College, Expressive Arts Therapy program was extensive. The program provided two years of experiential and theoretical training, requiring 45 hours of personal EXAT sessions with certified expressive arts therapists (25 clinical hours), and I have since received many hours of clinical supervision. I am a life-long learner and have been on the journey of healing for many years.



Serenity Mountain Expressive Arts Therapy

Certified Expressive Arts Therapist & Registered Social Worker In Spruce Grove, Alberta

Expressive art can provide an indispensable connection between life and expression through intermodal art. The expressive arts modalities I use include visual arts such as painting, drawing, clay, collage, and photography; language arts such as writing, poetry, stories as well as movement and sound. Expressive arts provide individuals with an opportunity to express their lived experiences.

Darlene Masse Wurster

  • Certified Expressive Arts therapist
  • Ontario Expressive Arts Association Member
  • Bachelor of Social Work, Registered Social Worker
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate

Co-presenter at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference 2018.

The Emergence of Hope, Women, and Addiction.

Scheduled to present at the International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference 2020.

Dancing Between the Lines of Wellness and Burnout (canceled due to Covid 19).

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